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Business Trip to Sendai City: the Season of Fresh Greenery!

I went to Sendai City, Miyagi on business last week.
Sendai is 350 km north of Tokyo. About one our and forty minutes by Tohoku Shinkansen "Hayate," bullet train.

Miyagi is going to run a campaign to increase the number of tourists from October to December; many kinds of events will be held. "Musubi-Maru," a character of the campaign, greeted me at the entrance of Miyagi prefectural government office.


As you will see from a blog, "The Rice Farming Diary from the Small Rice Field in Tome, Miyagi" on JAPANiCAN.com, Miyagi is well known as a production center of rice. "Musubi-Maru" is inspired by rice-ball, "omusubi" in Japanese, and a samurai warrior helmet of Masamune Date who was a feudal lord in the area 400 years ago.

jozenji.jpgThere are Sendai is called "mori-no-miyako," which literally means the city of forests. You can see a lot of green in the city. May is the season of new green leaves; you can feel refreshed! One of the most famous places is Jozenji Avenue lined with zelkova trees. Shooting of TV programs and movies is sometimes taken.

tanikaze.jpgYou can find a bronze statue of a sumo wrestler, Tanikaze, with a bulging waistline Kotodai Park. He was a popular Yokozuna, grand champion, from Sendai in 18th century. Some people say he was the 4th Yokozuna in history. However, there are few historical records about the three Yokozuna before him; according to one prevailing opinion, they were legendary sumo wrestlers and Tanikaze was the first Yokozuna. It is said he had not only power but also a good personality.

To get to Kotodai Park and Jozenji Avenue, leave the Nanboku-line at Kotodai-Koen station, three minutes from Sendai station.

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