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Picking Fruit in Yamanashi - Peach Jam Making

peach.jpgHave you ever tried picking fruit? It's definitely a great way to relax and enjoy nature in Yamanashi. You can visit there as a day trip, or stay at an onsen ryokan for an even more relaxing trip.

The most famous spring flower in Japan is of course the cherry blossom, but I would like to say another spring beauty is the "momo," or peach flower.

ozashiki_train.jpgRiding on a special train called "ozashiki ressha" which features Japanese style tatami rooms in the actual train car, I went to the Togenkyo area of Yamanashi prefecture. Togenkyo means not only "a hometown of peaches" but also "paradise." There are lots of fruit orchards in Yamanashi, and it is particularly famous for peaches and grapes.

flower.jpgI visited a peach farm and saw many pretty pink peach flowers last April. A farm owner told us that the peaches were so delicate that you must treat them very carefully and gently, just like a lady. Actually, the word "momo" is a very popular girls' name in Japan. We also decorate with peach flowers during the girls' festival in March. Anyway, after I enjoyed watching the beautiful flowers, I decided to come back to Yamanashi in summer, during the harvest season.

Then, just as I planned, I came back to Yamanashi again to pick sweet and juicy peaches! It was not easy to pick the peaches because you have to treat them delicately, but the peaches I picked were so delicious. After picking, we learned how to make peach jam, which turned out to be very enjoyable!

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